For Health, Simplicity & Protection

Cleaning for Health

It is unfortunate, but true, that those with the least personal defense against communicable diseases and infection must seek recovery in facilities that are the most challenging to keep clean. 

Inorganic and organic soils, provide defensive means and sustenance to microbes that can mean a slow or no recovery to all to many. 

Our program brings the best means of soil removal together with the best yet means of disinfection to provide the very best protocol for success. 

Cleaning with Simplicity

In a work, residential or commercial environment, where people gather for care, commerce and community, housekeeping needs to be Simple, Efficient and Effective. 

The Synergy Solution for these public places, like:  office buildings, schools, daycare centers, retail stores, hotels, resorts and fitness facilities must be designed to as to cover the greatest amount of space with the greatest amount of simplicity.

Our program truly brings that all together. 

Providing Safer Floors

Billions upon billions of dollars are lost each year to Slip & Fall Accidents. 

Workers are temporarily removed from the workplace because of a slip & fall injury that removes them from a productive position and can require up to $22,800 in medical and lost wage compensations. 

Retail customers, nursing home residents and business patrons can have the same sort of accident and cost a company nearly $19,000 in insurance claims. There is a proactive answer. 

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