Synergy Solutions for Cleaning is the "New Innovations Showcase" for Perma, Inc of Bedford, MA. 

It is also the logical presentation of product characteristics applied directly to the most applicable markets.  What we seek to communicate is that environmental service managers and teams do not need to force their cleaning program into a box that includes products not designed for their setting, but can take the simple chemical components we offer, blend them in harmony with their tools and equipment, and create natural Synergy between people, chemistry and mechanics. 

The Three Actions of Cleaning


Cleaning, regardless of the setting, should always have a representation of each of the following ACTIONS:

Chemical Action - Any chemistry, used in cleaning requires some dwell-time. This is so that the chemicals employed can break the bond of soil from the surface, allowing it to move into suspension in water.

Mechanical Action - This "Action" can take the form of old fashioned "elbow grease" to microfiber cloths, mops, brushes, pads or scrubbers. 

Full ExtrAction - Nothing is more important in cleaning than ensuring that the surface cleaned is left with the least amount of water, detergent and soil, for they are brought all together into a single solution in any cleaning routine. 

Without some recognition of the need for each of these Actions, surfaces just won't be made or kept clean and safe!

The Contribution of Earle Spaulding


Since 1939, when Professor Earle H. Spaulding of Temple University, first proposed "A Rational Approach to Disinfection and Sterilization", there has been a clear, reasonable classification system for deciding what level of germ control is required. It goes as follows:

Non-Critical Surfaces (Cleaning Only / No-Low Disinfectant Required) - Those surfaces that only come into contact with intact skin. (normal conditions).  This covers the vast majority of public spaces.

Semi-Critical Surfaces (Cleaning & Disinfection) - Those surfaces that come into contact with mucous membrane or broken skin (exam/patient care areas). These areas and equipment are minimal.

Critical Surfaces (Cleaning & verifiable Sterilization) - Those surfaces, instruments & items that enter into sterile body cavities; i.e., O.R. suites.

In Short, the steady, unmitigated abuse of registered microbial pesticides (disinfectants) has done untold harm to cleaning protocols, and totally and unnecessarily exposed millions of people to hazardous chemicals . 

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