Biotab7 - Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Tablets

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Facts about Chlorine Dioxide

First discovered in 1814, Chlorine Dioxide has been in production as a gas for nearly 2 centuries; however, only recently has it become available for disinfection in a tablet form. A more selective oxidizer, and less reactive, with over 2.5 times more potency than chlorine bleach in the creation of FAC for oxidation, Chlorine Dioxide is the obvious choice for those looking for the most efficient means of destroying an almost unlimited range of pathogens from environmental surfaces.

About Biotab7 -

With applications from disinfecting drinking water, to creating a no-rinse disinfecting solution for food contact (at 100ppm, 2 tablets/48 oz) and environmental surfaces (at 500ppm, 7 tablets/48 oz), in nearly every conceivable facility and workplace, Biotab7™ can become your “go-to” product for safer, more effective elimination of germs from you hard surfaces.  EPA Registered, and proven effective on 99.99% of pathogens in 1-5 minutes, beginning its work within just seconds.


The Active Ingredient in Biotab7 has been proven effective on hundreds of dangerous pathogens. For an extensive bibliography of these tests on ClO2, see the link to the left. 

Offered in -

- Various Starter-Kits: Medical Applications (500ppm), General Disinfection (100ppm); 

- Refill packs of 20 & 50 1-gram tablets; Pouches of 25 20-gram tablets; Boxes of 75  x 20 1-gram pouches and 50 x 50  1-gram pouches.

- Cases of 10,000 tablets (200 pouches of 50 tablets/pouch)

Product Code: 2-2123-STP (Medical), 2-2123-QSP (General), 2-2123-PC (50/Pouch), 2-2123-BX (50 x 50 pouches), 2-2123-CS (200 x 50 pouches).

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