Floorcare for Safer Floors & Longer Life Cycles

Stripping floors just isn't a pleasant job for anyone. It can be particularly difficult for those in the area who are unable to get away from the smell - except with Synergy Odorless!

Synergy Odorless Floor Stripper

The right floor sealer can mean the difference of at least 40% more life out of the finish applied over it. The right finish for high abuse floors can be a godsend. Both in one - Synergy Durability.

Synergy Durability Sealer/Finish

Get longer lasting gloss, and steady, safe SCOF (Static Coefficient of Friction) readings with Synergy Longevity Floor Finish. The first non-polymer finish ever created, and still the best!

Synergy Longevity Floor Finish

The most unique and versatile product of its kind, Synergy Security can be applied shortly after your last coat of finish, and just ahead of burnishing. It will significantly harden the finish, ensuring greater scratch and scuff resistance. Apply a fresh coat ahead of every 4th burnishing and watch your shine really POP!

Synergy Security Finish Hardener

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