Cleaning for Health

Proactive Antimicrobial Protection

Destroying bacteria, mold and mildew AFTER it has already done its worse just doesn't make sense; especially when there are defenses that may be put in place proactively. 

Disinfection that Works

Named the most effective solution for disinfection by the WHO, Chlorine Dioxide has properties and characteristics that make it far superior to quaternaries, phenols and even bleach. 

Solutions for Soil Removal

Cleaning hard surfaces with the best tools available are of no value, if they are not supported by cleaning chemistry that enhances, rather than detracts from their natural effectiveness. 

Tools for Effective Soil Removal

Microfiber remains the very best material ever created to capture, contain and carry inorganic, organic and bio-burden soils off of hard surfaces and to the laundry for elimination.

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