Cleaning with Simplicity

Proactive Antimicrobial Protection
Solutions for Soil Removal

More often, the problems with cleaning don't come from the surface soils, but from those soils that reside below the surface, in pores of grout and tile. Eliminate both with Synergy!

Disinfection that Works
Tools for Effective Soil Removal

Microfiber remains the very best material ever created to capture, contain and carry inorganic, organic and bio-burden soils off of hard surfaces and to the laundry for elimination.

In floor care cleaning, it is the equipment that should dictate the chemistry in use. When these two are carefully matched, the results can be absolutely astonishing!

Glass & Light Surface Cleaning
Surface & Sub-Surface Cleaning, Deodorizing & Waste Digestion
Tools for Effective Soil Removal
High Speed Floor Maintenance

Quick removal of soil from hard surfaces does not have to require multiple cleaners and caustic chemicals. General speaking, the right tool, paired with Synergy Glass is just right!

Glass & Light Surface Cleaning

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