Synergy Bio-Enzymatic Cleaning & Deodorizing Concentrates

Product Code: 2-2011-2L (3 x 2 liters/cs)
Both products are designed for use with our Pump Sprayer

Product Description

Synergy™ Bio-Clean Plus! is safe, effective and environmentally-friendly. concentrated general purpose cleaner and degreaser, fortified with benevolent bacteria and enzymes, for use on all kinds of hard surfaces including resilient tile, ceramic tile, fiberglass, concrete, sealed wood, painted surfaces, stainless steel, Formica and glass.– now cleaning both the surface AND sub-surfaces.

Synergy™ Bio-Clean Plus! does not contain any ingredients currently present on any state or federal hazardous chemical listing, is phosphate free and bio-degradable. The absence of any hazardous chemicals  makes Synergy™ Bio-Clean Plus! safer to use and yet provides effective cleaning action even under heavy soil conditions. It’s moderate foaming action helps loosen and suspend soils, and allows its effective use in auto-scrubber, mop-on, and  spray cleaner applications.


Directions for Use -

Floors & Light Duty Hard Surface Cleaning: Mix at 1/2 to 1 oz per gal. Use microfiber to dry glass and other hard surfaces on which you do not want residue. Allow floors to air dry.

Medium Duty Hard Surface Cleaning: Mix at 2 to 4 oz per gal. Use as a Spray & Wipe on kitchen, restroom and similar surfaces.

 Heavy Duty Hard Surface Cleaning: Mix at 6 to 8 oz per gal. Use on heavy grease, oil and in toilets & Urinals.

Destroys odors naturally
Product Code: 2-2045-2L (3 x 2 liters/cs)

Using the same active biological ingredient found in Bio-Clean Plus!, Synergy Consume is a non-detergent deodorizer and waste digester with a powerful punch. Use it in "spray and walk away" situations, like daytime deodorizing of public restrooms, deodorizing of trash cans, pet accidents, or on fabrics or in carpets. Use to pre-treat food spills in carpets ahead of extraction, or ahead of blotting up spills. The powerful blend of benevolent bacteria and enzymes will literally "consume" all food sources that otherwise would feed odor-causing bacteria. Mix at 4oz/48oz of water in our pump sprayer. 

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