Synergy Durability Sealer & Satin High Traffic Finish

Product Code: 2-2120-04 (4gal/cs)

Product Description

Synergy Durability™ is our sealer and low-sheen finish in one. Intended to penetrate deep into vinyl tile, stone, terrazzo or concrete,  sealing off the pores from the soils that are regularly carried into buildings. With just a single coat, you will extend the life of your floor finish by at least 30-50%! With just 3 coats, Synergy Durability™ can also be used as a finish that will be highly resistant against scuffs and scratches.


This product is perfect for any area where chairs or other furniture items are dragged across floor surfaces.  Other excellent applications are patient and exam rooms, office cubicles, or warehouses looking to keep concrete dust under control. 

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