Synergy Solutions for Year-Round High Speed Floor Care

Product Description

Synergy™ Maintain  is for facilities that have large areas of coated  (or uncoated) floors and are serious about keeping them looking their very best.  This product begins rebuilding your floor’s protective coating while you clean, replacing lost polymer, filling scratches, and improving the shine of your floor.  Synergy Maintain™ was designed to be a year-round cleaner, so it also includes a chelating agent to neutralize salt residue during the Winter months.

Synergy Maintain™ really shows its stuff when you put a burnisher to your freshly cleaned floor.  On a premium finish, like our Synergy Longevity™, the bounce back of gloss is truly astonishing!


Directions for Use -

Mopping (edges) & Automatic Scrubbing:  Measure out 1 ounce of Synergy™ Maintain per gallon of water added to your scrubber.

Preparing for Burnishing:  For more worn floors, mix Synergy Maintain™ at 2 oz per gallon of water, mop affected area and let dry before burnishing.

Using as a Spray Buff: This product may be used in the place of a spray buff (with a high speed burnisher) if mixed at 6-8 oz per gallon, or 1-1/2-2 oz per quart of water.

Product Code: 2-2035-2L (3 x 2 liters/cs)
or 202035-2.5G (2 x 2.5 gal/case)

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