Synergy Odorless - Low Odor Emulsifying Stripper

Synergy Odorless™ is truly a remarkably effective stripper, rapidly dissolving multiple layers of floor finish, without the offensive odors normally associated with strippers. Formulated almost completely from top quality water miscible solvents, Synergy Odorless™ contains less than 1% solids at concentration, so it leaves no alkaline residue to adversely affect subsequent finish applications.


Routine stripping of three to five layers of finish may be accomplished with nothing more than a mop and wet vacuum. Years of build-up can be quickly and easily removed by light agitation with a scrubbing machine and standard stripping pad.  Product code is 2-2116-04 (4/gal/case) and 2-2116-06 (12 x 1 U.S. Quart—each quart yields 3 gallons of RTU stripper).

Product Code: 2-2116-04,06

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